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Build your brand!

Your brand is your food, display it in a way that your guests will remember, with wood serving boards.

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Set yourself apart!

NeighborWood has supplied custom wood serving boards to some of the top chefs in North America.

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Expand your brand!

Let NeighborWood help you expand your brand by incorporating your logo into a private label serving board.

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Keep them coming back!

NeighborWood cutting boards keep your customers coming back. From the unique woods, to the LIVE Edge, to the fact that no two cutting boards are ever the same.

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We can help make your idea a reality! Working closely with your team, we can help design, prototype and manufacture unique serving boards and tabletop products.

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The Journey!

NeighborWood works with local cities to gather fallen trees, transports them to a mill, where the wood is cut and dried and we finish them in our wood shop before making it to your restaurant or kitchen.

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Premier provider of serving boards and furniture to the hospitality industry

From Concept...

Do you have a back of the napkin idea for a tabletop piece? No problem, we can take that idea and make it a reality. From concept to drawings to your table.

... to CAD Drawings...

NeighborWood can take your idea and create CAD drawings to your exact dimensions. CAD drawings then become working samples for you to test and build your menu around. Your Table.

Once you design is approved, NeighborWood will move it quickly from production to your table. We specialize taking your idea and making it a reality in your restaurant.

Allergy Safe Boards

Chefs asked for a way to quickly identify meals that have been prepared for patrons with food allergies. Our solution is simple and effective! One tone wood for normal serving boards and a contrasting tone that are used for food allergies.

From The Blog

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American gastropub-Beacon Tavern

Chicago. IL
NeighborWood has been fortunate to work with the Lawless family designing boards for Gage, Acanto and Dawson.  We were very excited to have the opportunity to design round Cherry and Black Walnut […]

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Hip, lofty lounge-Arbella

River North-Chicago, IL
Hip, lofty lounge where intricate, globally inspired cocktails pair with eclectic small plates.
NeighborWood was hired to design some one of a kind boards, including a bottle service caddy. The caddy is […]

Featured Project


We love all our clients, but there is always something special about working with clients in our home town.  Leading up to the NRA Show is always a hectic time for NeighborWood, as local chef's and restaurants prepare for the large number of visitors to Chcago.  This year was no different as we had the pleasure of working with Rick Bayless and the opening of Lena Brava, Mike Ditka and the opening of Grill 89 and The Fairmont on the opening of Columbus Tap.

We can private label a solution for you!

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