A Green Cutting Board Story

Ever wonder what happens to all the trees that fall during a wind storm or cut down do to sickness?  Do they get chopped up and live a life as wood chips?  NeighborWood was startneighborwood red oak wood cheese cutting boarded to provide beautiful useful products from Urban Growth Trees harvested in your neighborhood.  NeighborWood specializes in working with local cities, towns and governments to leverage their Urban Growth Forests.

NeighborWood wood cutting boards are a unique product of the Greenest sense.  Each of our NeighborWood wood cutting boards come from fallen Urban Growth trees, that is trees grown in metropolitan settings that have fallen due to storms, wind or for other safety reasons. The trees are gathered locally, milled and dried locally and sold within specific geographic regions, allowing us to keep carbon emissions as low as possible.  Each NeighborWood wood cutting board is tracked with a zip code giving us a history of the wood source,  such as approx. age, and the community the tree was located.

NeighborWood wood cutting board packagingOur wood cutting boards have some weight to them(approx4 – 7 lbs) making them a sturdy cutting surface for any kitchen. The extra thickness of the wood board will allow you to carry cut vegetables or a whole turkey.  All our wood cutting boards are double sided, and our large and medium wood cutting boards feature a juice groove on one side and hand grooves on each end of the cutting boards, allowing for easy carrying of the board.  Wood source varies from region to region and presently we are working with Ash, Maple, Oak and Black Walnut.