Baby Acapulco

Baby Acapulco  Private Label Serving Board

Baby Acapulco (Baby A’s) is a locally owned and operated Mexican restaurant chain that has been proudly serving Austin for over 30 years! Over the last three decades, Baby A’s has put its fingerprint on signature Tex-Mex dishes and was hailed as the originator of “Fruity Ritas” and our “Purple Rita” in town and around the world. With delicious Enchiladas, Fajitas, a signature Tortilla soup, delicious Ritas that pack a punch, and a lively atmosphere, Baby A’s has solidified itself as a unique and original Austin favorite.

NeighborWood was contacted by the owners of Baby A’s to create a large quantity Hickory serving boards with the signature Baby A logo branded in the corner of each board for their five restaurants.  Under a short deadline, a large version of the Baby A logo was manufactured while the boards were being made.  Upon arrival of the wood burning brand a sample was made for final approval and the final order was delivered 3 days later, in time for a scheduled photo shoot.