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Neighborwood ipad stand front view horizontal

What is the NeighborWood Sous Chef iPad Stand?

It is an affordable, small footprint iPad stand that can be used in any room of the home.

Why was the NeighborWood Sous Chef iPad Stand developed?

NeighborWood has developed the Sous Chef iPad stand for the custom electronics industry.  The iPad has become a popular alternative to a laptop for many consumers and we have seen the use of the iPad in the kitchen for not only recipes, but to watch TV or movies while preparing a meal explode.  Many iPad stands on the market are bulky and require a large footprint.

Can I put my logo on it?


The NeighborWood Sous Chef iPad Stand was designed for ease of use, while taking up the smallest footprint on the counter as possible. It was also designed to be affordable and have the ability to have your custom logo branded on the top for brand building. Imagine your logo infront of the client every time it is put into the NeighborWood Sous Chef iPad Stand.

What types of wood can I order?Neighborwood ipad stand hickory  front view vertical

Presently we offer our standard NeighborWood Sous Chef iPad Stand in Oak, Maple, Cherry, Hickory and Elm. Depending on the season, we also produce a Black Walnut version.  Looking for a more rustic look?  We also produce the NeighborWood Sous Chef iPad Stand with a LIVE Edge (Bark on one side of the stand) or larger slab wood version.  Please contact us for more information. or call 847-372-7391.

Order Now!

Looking to order, please fill out the contact form below.  Minimum order is 12 (We will include a 13th NeighborWood Sous Chef iPad Stand with a mock iPad to be used as a sales piece on your first order).  Please fill out the following Credit Card Authorization form (credit card authorization form) and email back to